Birth of the Chill

by Chill Beenz

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Birth of the Chill embodies one and a half years of musical creation and representation of the Sciences Po Paris campus of Reims.

The first 10 tracks of the album were recorded during one monstrous session from 9h30 to 18h30 on Thursday May 9th, 2013 at the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Reims. The Beenz are eternally grateful for the Conservatoire faculty, especially François Eberlé and Nicholas Bouvier, for their invaluable help. The tracks were recorded live with a few overdubs. The album name is an homage to Miles Davis’ groundbreaking album, “Birth of the Cool,” which set the standard for following recordings in the genre of cool jazz.

The Beenz didn't have enough time to record the last track, “K-Phunk” at the conservatoire, so they had to engineer a trans-Atlantic recording session. Chill Beenz gives an enormous thank you to Pat Fisher, who laid down a sick impromptu drum track for this tune, while visiting Dan's home studio in Vienna, Virginia, USA. Loïc sent his keyboard track all the way from Paris, France, and Khalil (Special K) threw down the vocals from Toronto, Canada. This track truly encapsulates the Chill Beenz philosophy, and it simply had to be on the album. Chill Beenz has both the wonders of 21st century technology to thank for the recording of K-Phunk, as well as the talent and generosity of people like Pat and our friends John Fee and Nate Wilkinson and who kindly lent us their drumset and garage, respectively, for the recording.

The release of “Birth of the Chill” in February, 2014 coincides with the closing days of Cholangiocarcinoma Awareness month. Cholangiocarcinoma, (also known as bile duct cancer) is a rare form cancer that has touched the lives of close friends of the Chill Beenz circle—Lori Sachare, who is bravely fighting the disease today, and Ron Moehle, a dear friend who has passed away. 100% of proceeds from online sales of this album will be donated directly to the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation. The members of Chill Beenz have never sought to profit from their music, and respectfully invite fans that wish to support the research and patient care sponsored by the foundation, to consider donating, if they have the means.

A big thanks to Daniel Christensen, an art student at Rhode Island School of Design and long time friend of Dan Nothaft, who donated his time and talent to design the album cover. Check out his work at the link below.

(Props as well to Henry Paikin for the epic graffiti Chill Beenz logo featured at top right)

Also, thank you, Reims administration, especially Olivier Ruchet and Nathalie Jacquet, who supported our collaborative project from the start.

Last but not least, look out for the hard copy of Birth of the Chill, available soon on CD!

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released February 24, 2014

The Beenz:
Henry Paikin - guitar, vocals
Maud Koenig-O'Carroll - vocals
Romain Cluzel - percussion
Daniel Nothaft - guitar, bass, vocals
Loïc Vigor - keyboard
Akos Palencsar - saxophone
Khalil Habrih - bass, guitar, vocals
Dong Kun Guo - trumpet

Session Musicians:
Pat Fisher - percussion on K-Phunk

A very special thanks to all past and future Chill Beenz, especially past members:
Luc Berman - guitar
Maeva Amarger - bass
Matthieu Kuzdzal - vocals
Samuel Prostrednik - guitar
Michael Von Dundas - bass



all rights reserved


Chill Beenz Reims, France

Chill Beenz was formed in 2011 by students at the Reims campus of Sciences Po Paris. Although the original band members went their separate ways, the legacy of the Chill Beenz lives on. The band rose again like a phoenix in 2013-2014, incorporating new members. Thus, the release of "Birth of the Chill" marks both a culmination of two years of the Chill, and a [Re]Birth of the Chill. ... more

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Track Name: The Midnight Marauder
Midnight Marauder
Lyrics by Khalil Habrih

Verse 1:
He’s a man of many ladies
And of as many mysteries
He keeps his mind unkept
And what he wants he gets
He speaks with great verve
Often swings and swerves
He has told many lies
And often comes in disguise
You will not read his face
Yet in his eyes detect a trace
Of a longing desire
To stand next to her fire

The Midnight Marauder undressed her with his eyes
With a subtle stare, began to untie
The hooks and the knots leading to her soul
He’s not a crook, yet sought to take her whole

Verse 2:
A silver tongue like a snake
He could effortlessly take
Her smiles and innocence
In a ritual or tribal dance
And although it may seem
It is all but a dream
Once she wakes in the morn’
The bruises and the scorns
Upon her dignity he left
Will have been proof of the theft
And as a robber he’d steal away
Leaving her where she lays

The Midnight Marauder undressed her with his eyes
With a subtle stare, began to untie
The hooks and the knots leading to her soul
He’s not a crook, yet sought to take her whole

Verse 3:
He’s says he’s too tired
Can barely communicate
Or that he’s wired,
Can’t concentrate
It’s her thoughts playing tricks
On his body and soul
Oh, her mind is electric
It has taken him whole
Well, the sapphire approaches
And in its midst the feeling
Which with her voice sends, launches
The marauder twirling
Well, he has found a true rival
Beauty immaculate
A bond of intellect
Not solely bestial

Last chorus:
And now, he no longer runs
Finds himself staring at the sun
In the morning when it rises, evening when it sets
Yes, he just lets
His imagination flow…
Track Name: SloMaudtion
Lyrics by Maud Koenig O’Carroll

I can feel the summer breeze that blows for me
As it lifts me off my feet
Whispering a melody that rings so sweet
Tenderly carrying me off to sleep
I can feel the crisp cold of the night
On my lips its touch so slight
Carry me to Morpheus’s den
To dream again and again

Oh baby please, will you let me be
Your favourite memory
Shelter me from the rain
Be the cure to my pain

Baby please, will you let me be
Your favourite memory
Shelter me from the storm
Be the rose to my thorn
Track Name: Tell You Anyway
Tell You Anyway
Words and music by Daniel Nothaft

verse 1

You didn't strike me as one to be struck by love
It's simply society's construction is something you'd say
But if there's one thing worse than love unrequited
It's trying to fight it and just keeping quiet
So I'm gonna tell you anyway

verse 2

I too have doubted my own belief in love
So I don't mind admittin' that I may just be smitten instead
But if this ain't love, it's the closest thing to it
And you know I'm not joking girl you'd see straight through it
So I'm gonna tell you anyway


But if you confirm my fears
And my words fall on deaf ears
I'd say, just listen my dear
though this may not last for years
I can give you myself for each second we're here,
So I'm telling you I love you anyway

sax solo

verse 3

Though it's so hard to define
Babe, we both know when we find it
So let's leave philosophy for tomorrow
and just feel lots of it for today
when I tell you that I love you anyway
Track Name: B-Side
B-Side Baby
Lyrics by Daniel Nothaft

Verse (V) 1:
It wouldn't matter if this song weren't worth a shit
cuz they'd still dance with just a kick drum and a snare hit
but I ain't looking for no one hit wonder
I'd rather something set apart from all the others

Pre-Chorus (PC) 1:
so you don't have to be a show stopper (woah woah woah)
you don't have to be a chart topper (no no no)
you don't have to be the A-side of the single
just be my B-side babe

Chorus (C) 1:
oh won't you be my b-side baby
oh won't you stay beside of me baby
oh won't you be my b-side baby
oh won't you stay beside of me baby

society will try to ostracize those those who it can't subdue so selfishness is sometimes not a vice but a virtue
there's a thousand people telling me exactly what to think and feel
that's why i'm always wary about satisfying mass appeal


babe so let us be lovers
cuz just cuz ppl can't be perfect doesn't mean they can't be perfect for each other

They'll probably make a dubstep remix of this song
mess with the melody and get all the lyrics wrong
I won't listen to it but, hey, when it goes number 1
I'll keep the royalties, take the money, and run